St John's Church

Jesus, to know Him and to make Him known


Traditional Style Sunday Service 10.30 am - 12.00 pm 
Communion Service most Sundays. * indicates No Communion.
Children's classes during this service.
Coffee and Tea served after service.





 The valley of dry bones
 Ezekiel 37: v1-14
 John 9


 Jesus toJerusalem as King

 Matthew 21: v 1-11
 Luke 16: v19-31


Maundy Thursday joint Service at St   Nicholas  Elm Park



 March of Witness starts from St John's

 Hour at the cross 2pm at St John's



 The empty tomb

 John 20: v1-18
 Matthew 28: v1-10


 Praise the Lord

 Psalm 16
 John 20 v19-31


 Be Holy

 1 Peter 1: v17-23
 Luke 24: v13-35


 Living Godly Lives

 1 Peter 2: v19-25
 John 10: v1-10


 Living Stone

 1 Peter 2: v2-10
 John 14: v1-14


 Suffering for God

 1 Peter 3: v13-22
 John 14: v15-21


 Jesus taken to heaven

 Acts 1: v6-14
 John 17: v1-11





 Final Warnings

 2 Corinthians: v1-14
 Matthew 28: v16-20


 The Three visitors

 Genesis 18: V1-15

 Matthew 9: v35-38

 Matthew 10: V1-8


 Hagar and Ishmael

 Genesis 21: v8-21
 Matthew 10: v24-39


Prayer Pour out your heart to God

 Prayer meeting every Saturday Morning
 9.30 am - 11.00 am







Berevement 2

 Bereavement service - Date TBA
 St Johns will be holding a Thanksgiving and 
 Remembrance Service in church. 
 The service will be focussed on all those who have 
 lost a loved one.


Healing Life Support Ministry
 Healing Service - Date TBA

We believe that God wishes people to be whole.
This service aims to support the individual’s wellbeing offering emotional support through pastoral counseling and prayer for inner and physical healing.
All are welcome.

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