Daily Devotions helping our family to ‘know Jesus…’

Word for Today
This is “designed to encourage you in your walk with God”. 
Click to see a copy of today's devotional reading notes .
If you prefer a hard copy, simply pick one up in the church foyer next Sunday.  

Word 4U 2Day (Teens and Young Adults)
This is a great daily devotional for teens and young adults, with over 1 million copies being read daily. Simply click to read todays devotional notes.

Living Light
This resource made available by the Nationwide Christian Trust, giving Bible reflections for everyday living – a weekly passage of scripture with daily comments on verses within the passage.  

Wordlive (Scripture Union) 
Is a great contemporary way  to “Pray, read, reflect and respond”. Scripture Union – the authors advocate it as a “simple, practical way to develop your relationship with God. Available via e-mail, RSS and podcast it uses audio, video and written word to bring Scripture alive. Simply click on the link Wordlive and find out more.

Just a thought!!! Are you a member of one of St John's Small Groups yet? If not, then this is a great way to have fellowship and fun together whilst getting to grips with God's Word for us. Simply click here for more details on how to join up today!