Gods Money 




God owns it all
1 Chronicles 29:11-12 we read that.. “everything in the heavens and earth is yours, O Lord and this is your Kingdom”.

Our Part
We are stewards and that means we are called to manage diligently what God has gifted to us and we are called to bring the tithe into the storehouse.

What is a tithe & how is it different from an offering
The word “tithe” literally means tenth or 10%. A tithe is therefore the first 10% of your income – your salary, your wage, your pension. An offering is anything you give above your tithe.

The purpose of tithing is to teach us always to put our trust in God and to put Him first. (Deuteronomy 14v23)

In Malachi 3v10 God reminds us – “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord – “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

New Testament Scripture takes us beyond tithing if we choose – “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion for God loves a cheerful giver" 2Corinthians 9:7

“Test me in this”
Do you trust God? If you do, then you should trust Him with everything in your life and this includes your finances. In no other place in Scripture are we permitted or encouraged to “test” God but in this passage alone. Accept God's invitation, start tithing faithfully and watch what He does in and through your life!

Giving to St John's…
The “storehouse” in Scripture is widely recognised as the church. We believe therefore that our “tithe” comes to the church.

If you would like to give to St John's, there are a number of different ways to contribute. (Unless otherwise denoted, all donations will be applied to the church’s General Fund.)

1.    Cash or Cheque
You may place your donation in the offering bags during our Sunday services.
Drop your donation off at our church office (Monday – Thursday 8.00am – 1.00pm).
Post your donation to the church: St John & St Matthew Parish Church, South End Road, Rainham, Essex. RM13 7XT. (please remember - never send cash in the post)

2.    Planned Giving Envelopes…
The Envelope system provides the twin advantages of simplicity and confidentiality. Planned Giving helps you decide what to give to St John's each week. It helps you to commit to regular giving and to plan to give what is right rather than what’s left over at the weekend. Your giving envelope is uniquely numbered so when it is placed in the offertory collection by you each week your giving remains confidential. For more information on how the system works and to apply, simply contact the Church Administrator. 

3.    Regular Giving through your bank
You may give to St John’s Church by setting up a regular standing order. Simply contact the Church Administrator who will be pleased to provide you with all the necessary information.

Giftaid itIf you are a tax payer then we highly recommend you Gift Aid your donation and/or regular tithe. 

Gift Aid is a Government Scheme which allows the church to reclaim the basic rate of tax paid by donors on donations. This can be applied to any amount of money, large or small, regular or one-off, providing that the donor is a taxpayer and that a Gift Aid declaration is received. Simply Click here for further information on how to assist us in your giving.

What is a Gift Aid Declaration?
The declaration is the church’s authority to reclaim tax from the Inland Revenue on your donations. By giving the declaration, you are confirming that you understand this.

How do I pay under Gift Aid?
Whichever is most convenient for you — weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually — by envelope, by cheque, by Standing Order, or receipted cash, as long as the payment is recorded.

Won’t everyone know how much I give?
No.  A confidential recording system ensures only the Gift Aid organiser knows how much you give. 

What if my circumstances change, and I can’t maintain the level of my giving?
As long as you have paid at least as much tax as the church reclaims on your giving in any one tax year, you can just alter your giving.

What if I stop paying enough tax?
You can cancel your Declaration at any time.  The cancellation will take effect from the date you let the church know, or you stopped paying tax.

How can I make sure my church can benefit from Gift Aid?
Ask yourself these 2 questions: 
1. Do you pay any tax?  
2. Do you EVER give money to your Church?

If you answered “yes”, then you can “Gift Aid”.  A donation of £ 10.00 under Gift Aid is equivalent to a donation of £ 12.50 to the Church. (tax year 2016/17)
This is money that you’ve already paid in tax to the Government — St John's church can claim it back!

I only pay tax at the 10% rate.  Can I still use Gift Aid?
Yes, as long as you have paid at least as much tax as the church reclaims on your giving.  If you are concerned, you can ask the Gift Aid organiser for a Declaration which specifies an upper limit to the amount.

What if I pay income tax at the higher rate?
The church can only reclaim tax back at the basic rate.  But you can claim back the difference between the higher rate and the basic rate on your Self Assessment return.  You might like to take this into account when working out your level of giving.

I don’t pay tax, but my spouse does.  Can I still use Gift Aid?
No.  Only a tax payer can use the scheme. The best thing is for your spouse to complete a Declaration.

Can I count tax other than income tax when giving under Gift Aid?
Yes.  Capital gains tax, tax credits on dividend income, and tax deducted from bank and building society interest (provided you have not reclaimed it) can all be used to cover the tax on your gifts. 

Suppose I move?
You can cancel your Declaration at your old church, and complete a new Declaration at the new church. 

So how do I give under Gift Aid?
All you have to do is make a Gift Aid Declaration to the church that you want your giving, or some of your giving, to be treated as Gift Aid donations.

How does it work?
1.    You give, for example £5 per week to St John's church.

Giving Hand



2.  If you are a taxpayer, and you complete a Declaration, the church can reclaim £1.25 for every £5 you give, at no extra cost to yourself.

Giving 5 Building

3.    So St John's church not only has the £5 per week you gave but also a further £1.25 per week, courtesy of the government.

Giving 5



(correct as at tax year 2018/19)